Hair that will be going, going, gone! – LASER HAIR REDUCTION

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Hair that will be going, going, gone! – LASER HAIR REDUCTION

Hair that will be going, going, gone! – LASER HAIR REDUCTION 1080 1920 Avalon

Do you have unwanted hair on your body that you want gone? Are you tired of the hassle of shaving? LHR, Laser Hair Reduction, better known as Laser Hair Removal could be great for you!

What is Laser Hair Reduction?

Wave goodbye to razor bumps and painful waxing! đź‘‹ Laser Hair Reduction is a treatment that uses a concentrated beam of light (a laser) to remove unwanted or excess hair on the body. This process is called selective photothermolysis. The laser is attracted to the pigment in the hair follicle, which is how they are damaged over time, thus resulting in hair reduction.

There are three different stages of hair growth. The first is Anagen, which is the growth stage. The second is Catagen, the transitional phase, and the last is Telogen, which is the resting phase. Each phase lasts a different length of time. Although for LHR, the hair follicle has to be in its growing stage, Anagen, for the treatment to work. Hair follicles are in different stages at different times, which explains the need to have multiple treatment sessions.


  • Legs
  • Armpits
  • Bikini
  • Arms
  • Chin
  • Upper Lip
  • Back

Is This Right For Me?

What makes you the best candidate for LHR? If you are someone with extra or unwanted body hair, then this treatment is for you! Most people prefer a smooth body and it may enhance your self-image.

Contrary to what you may believe, laser hair reduction is most effective on coarse, dark hair. The abundance of melanin in dark hair aids in heat absorption. For hair colors that don’t absorb light well: gray, red, blonde, and white, LHR will not work at all.

Not all lasers can safely treat all skin types. At Avalon, we have machines that can safely treat all Fitzpatrick skin types.

Who Shouldn’t Have LHR?

Some medications or health conditions may be a contraindication to getting this treatment done. That is why it is important to talk with your healthcare provider and to notify us of any changes in your medical history.

Schedule a FREE consultation at Avalon Medical Spa to have a more in-depth conversation about Laser Hair Reduction, have your questions answered, and voice any concerns you have!



To make the best of your hair reduction treatments and for your own safety, stay out of the sun, tanning beds, and artificial tanners. We are looking out for your safety and to avoid unwanted adverse effects, like burning or having a less-than-effective treatment. Please stay away from these things AT LEAST two weeks before and after your treatment.


Avoid shaving the treatment area right before treatment. The optimal time to shave is 24 hours before. We don’t want to use laser energy on topical hair. All that energy must be used to target and destroy the follicle (beneath the skin). If laser were to be done on topical hair, it would hold onto the heat (hair is a conductor of heat) and therefore, could burn the skin. We do NOT want to burn you.


Sun exposure, the use of self tanners, or skin lighteners can inhibit the treatment of Laser Hair Reduction. These things can cause unwanted side effects: hypopigmentation, hyperpigmentation, blistering or burning. Sun exposure, the use of tanners or skin lighteners WILL prevent us from being able to treat you.

Appointment Time!

When you come in for your Laser Hair Reduction appointment there are a few steps involved. First, you will be welcomed by our receptionists and will complete any medical forms that are needed. Then, your clinician will bring you to the treatment room and discuss a few things before starting the procedure:

  • Reviewing your medical history, which could include medication use, history of skin disorders or scarring, or any past hair removal procedures.
  • Discussion of risks, benefits, and expectations, including what laser hair reduction can and can’t do for you.

Laser Hair Reduction targets the bulb of the hair (the melanin pocket) destroying it, in turn, slowly getting rid of it. There is a 70-90% reduction in the area that is being treated. That is why these treatments require 6-8 sessions that are usually 4-6 weeks apart!

During the Treatment

For each treatment you’ll be given special goggles to protect the eyes from the laser beam. The clinician will then check the treatment area if it needs to be shaved or cleaned. Depending on which laser is being used, a cooling gel may be applied.

When the laser is activated, the laser professional will place the handle of the device on the skin of the preferred area and begin treatment. The laser beam will pass through the skin and straight to the hair follicles, which then inhibit hair growth.

The amount of time per session for the procedure to be done depends on the treatment area. You may feel some discomfort, many have stated it feels like a warm pinprick or a rubber band snapping. The treatment can be paused at any time if you desire, for any reason. The cooling gel that is applied post treatment, helps to provide relief from any discomfort you may feel.

After the Treatment

For a few hours after the procedure you may notice some redness or swelling. After Laser Hair Reduction and in between scheduled treatment sessions, avoid sunlight, tanning beds, and sunless tanners. Use a broad-spectrum SPF30< sunscreen daily!


– Avoid extreme temperatures… hot baths, hot tubs, hot showers, saunas, steam rooms.

– Use SPF30< broad-spectrum sunscreen DAILY, and avoid sun exposure.

– Avoid swimming pools and exercise.

– Apply post laser gel, 100% Aloe Vera, or ice if needed.

If anything feels off or any concerns, please give us a call (774) 202-7049. We would rather you call, and put your mind at ease, instead of worrying at home. Our team is happy to help!


The results of this treatment vary per person and are difficult to predict. Even so, we can say that most people experience hair reduction of 70-90% that lasts several months and could last for years. BUT Laser Hair Reduction does NOT guarantee permanent hair removal, which is why you might need occasional treatments for long-term reduction! When the hair regrows, it is usually finer and the color is lighter.

The hairs may not fall out immediately, but will shed over the next few days and could possibly take up to 2 weeks to fall out. This could come across as continued hair growth, but it is just the hairs being expelled from the skin. Hair growth and loss naturally occur in a cycle and LHR works the best when the hair is in the new-growth stage.

What About the Trending at-home Laser Treatments?

Currently, there have been no large, long-term studies on how safe and effective at-home treatment machines are. In addition, the FDA considers these devices to be cosmetic, not medical which means they do not have the same scrutiny as other medical devices. Ultimately, these devices do cause modest hair loss but again no large studies are being done in comparison to how effective they are with the medical grade machines. By receiving LHR in a medical facility, you know you are receiving a safe and effective treatment.