The appearance of a double chin or fullness below the jawline is a common cosmetic concern that many women and men struggle with. Prior to KYBELLA, facial liposuction techniques or the excision of fat tissue during neck lift surgery were the only options for removing this type of stubborn, localized fat. Now, KYBELLA is frequently recommended as an effective way to reduce a mild to moderate amount of excess fat that doesn’t respond to traditional weight loss methods.

Patients with good skin elasticity and whose concerns are not caused by excess skin are often determined to be candidates for customized KYBELLA treatments. The advantages of choosing KYBELLA injections for fat reduction beneath the chin can include:

    • Little to no downtime following treatment
    • No incisions or scars
    • Treatment sessions that usually only take 30 minutes
    • Results that develop over three to four months
    • Improvement in facial proportions and a leaner, more youthful look
    • Greater jawline definition and refinement of the chin and neck profile

For further facial enhancement, many patients choose to combine KYBELLA with other cosmetic treatments and/or plastic surgery procedures. During a personal consultation our our trained staff, we can use our expertise and experience to develop a customized facial rejuvenation treatment plan based on your concerns and aesthetic goals.

If you are interested in finding out how KYBELLA or another cosmetic procedure can improve the contours of your jawline and neck, we invite you to contact Avalon Medical Spa to schedule your consultation.