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Lipotherme is the safe and effective laser lipo procedure designed to fit your lifestyle!

Lipotherme uses thermal energy to melt your unwanted fat so it can be removed more easily. The heat generated by the laser also tightens your skin, revealing your more contoured figure.

All in just one visit!

You will begin to see improvement right away, and because the skin tightening effect will continue, your result will just keep looking better in the months following your Lipotherme procedure.

We use Lipotherme to help contour your problem areas. Lipotherme has been used to eliminate fat from the abdomen, waist, back, thighs, hips, chin and neck area, knees, arms and ankles.

Call us at the spa at 774-202-7049 or fill out a free consult form to learn how we can help you look & feel your best!

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