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Cornerstone Wellness M.D.

Cornerstone Wellness M.D. is a medically designed weight loss and weight management system. It is available only through physicians and helps you to achieve and maintain your weight loss goals. Cornerstone is a very visual and user friendly system which builds you custom goals and offers a great support system through our staff. We use bio-impedance technology to get an exact readout of your body composition including lean muscle, goal fat, excess fat and hydration levels. Cornerstone Wellness M.D. looks beyond the number on the scale and helps you to achieve healthy goals. There are meal planning and exercising planning tools as well as access to the FDA food database to help you make healthy choices. Cornerstone Wellness M.D. doesn’t have special meals you are required to buy and you can still eat the foods you love. This program will help you learn how to sensibly manage your diet and exercise and create a healthy lifestyle with guidance from our staff.

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